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It's my pledge to be available to you during and after your Home Loan Purchase or Refinance. In this world where terabytes flow rapidly thru the air , isnt it nice when you can slow down and have a conversation with a Local Mortgage Expert? One that is not too busy to attend to your mortgage questions and concerns. I understand this may be the largest financial decission you may make. There is alot riding on it for you! I want to be the person that helps guide you thru the process and sets you up for future financial success. Real Estate is a great vehicle to create wealth and stability, but only if it is financed correctly and within your budget. Lets talk to see how we can set you up for success.

I am passionate about helping others achieve their Home Ownership Goals/Dreams. Growing up I  moved 10+ times in the first 17 years of my life. As an adult, I realized it was due to a single parent trying to survive on a waitress' income with 4 kids. I never went hungry and there was always plenty of love in our household, although Mom was usually working two to three jobs. Moving was not easy and it drilled into me that owning a home was a pretty substancial deal! It creates Safety and Stability not to mention wealth! The whole idea of locking in your housing payment now and letting inflation actual help you instead of going against you was the real take away. If you own a home, inflation will help your home appreciate in value with time VS renting and having to pay rental increase year over year due to inflation.

I would be honored to work for YOU !